freelance artist - fantasy cartographer


Hi, my name's Keir, I'm a freelance artist specialising in illustrating fantasy style maps. My clients range from aspiring authors, RPG players wanting a visual rendition of their campaign's world, to established indie authors.I work in traditional mediums, using felt tip pens, ink washes and alcoholic markers on artist grade paper to create your commission. Check out my Instagram for examples of my work, or have a look over my portfolio on this site. Thanks for stopping by!

Terms of Service

Please note that the following T.O.S are only applicable for commissions where the artwork is intended for personal use only. If you are an author looking to have a map created for your book, please contact me to discuss licensing.

1: 50% payment upfront, 100% payment before artwork is delivered. This is flexible depending on the overall cost of the commission, and payment plans are available. However, 100% must be paid before the artwork is delivered.
2: 50% cancellation fee if work has already begun. 100% if work is deemed to be over 50% complete at artists discretion.
3: Agreement to this document grants for private use only.
4: All rights not expressly granted remain property of the artist.
5: Artist reserves the right to use art for self promotion and resale in the format of prints, clothing designs, digital files, etc.
6: All sketches and preliminary work remain property of the artist.
7: Client will indemnify and hold artist harmless against any claims arising from reliance upon reference material provided to the artist by the client.
8: This document takes precedence over any other document pertaining to this job and is in effect upon starting the job.


Epheria - 2021, for Ryan Cahill, author of The Bound and the Broken series

Middle-earth - 2022

The Opal Coast - 2022, for Banished Dice

The Adventures of Skribbler and Chilliad - 2022, private commission

Verden - 2020, private commission

Cecela - 2022, private commission

Middle Earth - 2020

Lozaria - 2022, for author Christopher Russel

Minerva - 2022, private commission

Unera - 2022, for author J.D.L Rosell

North Africa - 2020, private commission

Acwaia - 2022, private commission

Heimurinn - 2020, private commission

Northern Realm - 2020, personal work

The Lands of Hyasia - 2020, private commission

Bolinda - 2021, private commission


Contact me directly regarding further information about commissions. I accept all types of commissions, feel free to ask me any questions you have!